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On vessel crew medical training

On vessel crew medical training

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We anticipate that an introductory training program for the crew to introduce them to the equipment and how to interface with Yacht Medical medical providers should take approximately 8 hours.

In addition to our introductory training, we recommend the development of a customized long-term plan for the crew to be administered semi-annually or as practical with regard to the yacht’s schedule.

Up to 20 crew size

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How it Works


We demonstrate crucial skills and procedures tailored for the super yacht environment, offering a firsthand experience of what you'll need to know.

Explaining why

We focus on explaining the underlying reasons behind each medical protocol, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the 'why' behind the actions you'll be taking.


You will have the opportunity to practice and refine your medical skills through immersive scenarios, ensuring you're well-prepared to handle real-life emergencies on board.

Teaching Back Method

This innovative approach empowers crew members to not only grasp crucial medical procedures but also effectively teach and reinforce their knowledge, ensuring heightened competence and confidence in handling medical situations at sea.