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Ocean MedKits

Our mission is to help Captains and Owners keep their crew and guests safe and compliant. Compact, specially designed medical kits, equipment and services. Available for all crew sizes.

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Telemedicine Support

Starting at $3,500

Annual Subscription

  • 24/7 Medical coverage for urgent/acute care medical needs
  • Telemedicine access
  • Coordination of specialty medical care
  • Travel medicine planning and reporting as requested

Portal access for compliance and incident reporting


Per month - billed annually

  • Full 24/7 access to help desk
  • Access to current level of inventory and history of purchases
  • Access to digital certificate indicating compliance to required scale (Regulation)
  • Ability to complete incident reports and capture medical product usage
  • Allows Telemedicine support to view inventory

On vessel crew medical training


Per Day (Up to 20 crew size)

  • 8 hours introductory training program for the crew
  • A customized long-term plan for the crew to be administered semi-annually or as practical with regard to the yacht’s schedule.

Why Compass Medical Group?

Supplying the medical sector since 2007 with over 20 years of experience in the medical and maritime industry. The Compass team of highly motivated individuals have designed and built systems to provide full service 24/7 365 days a year. We will take care to provide you with Training, Bespoke Medical kits, Oxygen & Telemedical advice from both pharmaceutical and medical professionals.

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First Responder Kit

First Responder Kit

Target for smaller yachts, fishing boats etc

Advanced MedKit

Advanced MedKit

Target for mid-range vessels 70 to 120 feet who do not go more than 150 miles off shore.